Milestones: How I got my first job in high school

This past week, Andy Meredith and his mom were invited to share how he got his first job as a high school student as part of an employment presentation at the Club 21 Tools for the Journey Conference. Club 21 is a Down syndrome advocacy group in Pasadena. Getting your first job is a big milestone for anyone, but it can be especially meaningful for people with intellectual disabilities who have historically faced a staggering unemployment rate. We also usually worry about setting up supports, consulting with employers about accommodations, and finding the right setting.

But Andy didn’t know any of that when he hopped on his bike to go get a job at his local grocery store. And he still has more dreams he wants to pursue after high school.

Watch the video and tell us what successes you have seen for people with intellectual disabilities in finding meaningful work. And what do you hope the future holds for people to follow their dreams?

Andy speaking at Club 21 in Pasadena about how he got his first job.

Andy will be joining Megan McCormick and Clay Carroll as panelists at the Spring Seminar on Employment for Youth with Disabilities: Seeing a Brighter Future. Register today for the seminar to watch it online or to come in person on March 21 from 6:30-8:30pm.